AAXA P700 – An affordable WXGA resolution, 650 lumen Pocket LED Projector – With built-in battery

Author: Alex V.  Date Posted:3 February 2017 

The AAXA P700 is a great and awesome pocket projector. It features an impressive and uncommon characteristic. This particular projector is ideal for use in the home, from sports gaming to movies; it is likewise a very competent portable projector for special purpose and business.

The photos: for those with eyes for details, you will find out that all the images of HDTV and movies are fair, stretched vertically. It can be compared with contents shown on the computer. Details about the ratio will be discussed near the ending part of this page.

Like you will expect, this projector is a one-chip DLP, and just like other creatures, it has a LED light engine for a very long life span. The P700 will be outdated – no, make that old, before the LED light engine is bound to disappoint you.
It is a very good projector with its weight being less than one pound and capturing at most 650 lumens. The first intriguing feature of P700 projector is that its battery pack is inbuilt and this is an uncommon feature for a projector with this degree of brightness. Finding a projector with over 150 – 300 lumens with a good battery solution is very rare.
The fact that it can be powered by batteries is a great feature making it internationally appealing in the market. The P700 will be ideal for parts of the world with poor or no electricity at all. This is one of the reasons I believe that its market demand will cut across church groups as well as secular NGO’s that send their workers to the rural parts of the 2nd world countries and the 3rd world countries in general. About 10 to 15 years ago my former firm sold some thousands of sub
50 lumen projectors (mainly Mitsubishi PK20’s in case anyone is interested), to these groups alone. The P700 is way more advanced and sophisticated.

As a result of its WXGA resolution, this particular projector can compete with traditional lamp stand projectors. Although WUXGA projectors are available presently, WXGA as well as XGA projectors of lower projectors (4:3 aspect ratio) has dominated the projectors sale industry. WXGA is as well fairly higher than 720p HD, this makes it possible for it to project 720HD content without compressing it, and it also supports full HD 1080p and 1080i.
Just like others, though not all Pico and pocket projectors the AAXA P700 features an in-built media player. One of the appealing features of the P700’s is that it handles videos and photos, and also compatible with Microsoft Office, this makes it a very wonderful work group and presenting tool. As expected from an 
in-built player, it performs free presentations from USB or through its TF card slot known as micro-SD (third party adapters for other cards can work well with this). It works well with USB adapter and SD cards, without any issue. 

Since we have talked about the WXGA resolution and aspect ratio issue, I will consider the discussion of that here. Let me begin with this. The P700 makes the updating of the firmware possible, if AAXA provides an update. I am very sure of this because I have done this and found it very easy; it takes only a few minutes, and no critical thinking.
This is the problem. This is a 16:10 projector, and the HDTV and movie content is simply16:9. The P700 stretches the 720 pixels of vertical data in order to fill the complete800 pixels of the projector automatically. When watching movies or HDTV, you expect their display to be at 1280x720, and not 1280x800.

The funny thing is that the P700 has numerous aspect ratio modes, and this includes one named 16:9. Now, their auto setting ought to detect the signal of the 720p as 720 instead of stretching it. Maybe internally it doesn’t rather tell it to make use of the 16:9 aspect ratios. The issue with this is that the 16:9 aspect ratio does not change it in any way. None of this mode was able to solve this issue. AAXA support teams are presently aware of this problem. Let’s see if they will introduce an upgrade of the firmware to solve this issue so that our TV programs and movies are in the best form with no issues.

Let me make this clear – I truly like the P700, however as a fan of home theater, I noticed the stretching at once, though it amount was insignificant. Let me unequivocally mention this, the P700 collected the Special interest award basically because it is a very great choice for educational use and portable business.
If the aspect ratio problem wasn’t present, then the P700 would have definitely earned our higher level Hot Product Award, because it ought to have been a great choice for education as well as business portable and home use. Although a good number of people won’t find out or care, people who want a first class pocket projector for use in the home. (Please note – if the movies you are feeding the projector is from a 16:10 laptop, instead of satellite, cable, Blu-ray etc. you will not experience this problem.) I will pay a visit to the award situation whenever AXAA brings out an update firmware version that solves this problem.
Click Here! This is a list of some major features – this includes some of the ones mentioned above. Also, we will be discussing elaborately some of these special and important features on our next page.


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