Amaze Friends and Family with Your Own Outdoor Movie Theatre

Author: Alex V.  Date Posted:15 October 2015 

With the Australian weather becoming increasingly warmer over the next few months what could be the most magical and enjoyable way to watch your favourite movies? In the warm heat of a summer evening out on your lawn, with your family and friends, under the stars. 

Popup backyard movie theatres are becoming increasingly popular around Australia and are a perfect way to spend quality time with the family watching the movies and eating the snacks and goodies you enjoy most. For unrivalled visuals outside in your own backyard, it’s recommended to pick up a projector that features above 2,000 lumens for high-quality brightness. It’s also recommended that your projector should also be HD which can be at either 720p or 1080p respectively, which means you will also need to ensure that it has HDMI connectivity. So if you are considering setting up your very own backyard movie theatre this summer, let’s take a look at the most important things you’ll need.

The projector
This is arguably the single and most essential aspect in any outdoor movie theatre, and certainly when compared to the other aspects it can also be the most expensive. Nevertheless, purchasing a projector which will do the job doesn’t need to break your bank account; all you need is a projector that is bright enough. Always remember, the bigger your screen will be, the more pixels you will need for a clearer picture. At Projectors Australia, we have a whole host of affordable projectors for you to choose from, see our full list of home projectors or perhaps if you’re a little unsure, why not contact us for some friendly expert advice for your outdoor movie theatre?

The screen
When it comes to purchasing the screen, you have different options available in the market. You can easily purchase a professional screen online, however if it’s too pricy or too noisy (sometimes a blower can drown out the sound of your movie) you could always break out your set of tools and build your very own outdoor movie screen! for no more than $40. But the cheapest solution by far is to simply hang a large sized bedsheet (preferably in white) and hang it securely on all edges on the side of your house or even your garage door. 

The audio
The final aspect to any outdoor movie theatre is the sound system and with so many options available you have a wide variety to choose from. For an outdoor system, it’s recommended to purchase a speaker with enough output. All-weather loudspeakers are also a fantastic alternative, especially if you are searching for a very resilient speaker that is capable of projecting sound across a large area.

Time to fire up the barbecue !
Despite what your budget may be, there is still an incredible amount of fun to be had if you set up your outdoor theatre carefully and properly. To save more on your budget, why not take a look at equipment that you may no longer use and see if it will work well for your outdoor setup? Always remember that the outdoor drive-in was never intended to be a high-end experience, but you’ll always be guaranteed to have fun and an amazing social experience with friends and family during the up and coming summer months. So get ready to turn your favourite family movie night into an outdoor themed event which your kids will never forget by enjoying all your favourites under the stars.

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