Living your life

Date Posted:19 April 2016 

Life is too short to waste time in sorrows and misery, life is all about “Living your Life” not surviving, not fighting but living. I guess that is what people who opt to live in caravan thinks. They want adventure and fun in their lives.

Who want to worry about locking the doors and windows before leaving the house when you can take you house where ever you please to?

      But to make this adventurous life even more fun you need to decide what sort of gadgets and equipments to carry with you. There is no doubt that there is heck lot of fun living in the caravan, living on the edge always. But at the same time there are some facilities missing, like enjoying movie nights on the huge couch with the entire family on weekends or like watching favorite match together with your buddies. This is because there is not enough space to accommodate everyone. To fulfill this void there is a perfect gadget that can make your movie times even better than lounging on couch. 

Pico Projectors can make the lives of people living in a caravan even more fun. Pico projectors are very small and easy to use, which can be used in different situations, they even have batteries. People with caravans could use these projectors during their trips. These projectors are best suitable for their lifestyles.

It is perfect gadget for people with caravans with most advance and unique feature. Featuring 960x540 (qHD) native resolution through LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology and a 15,000 hour LED light source. Incredibly small in size, the LED Pico is about the same size as most cell phones, yet is capable of delivering a stunning 60" image in dark environments.

This LED Pico qualifies as a capable projector for its size and price. Its strongest point is its portability, with its small size, its ability to read files from microSD cards and USB keys, and its ability to connect to smartphones or tablets with MHL support.

    Families can watch their all time favorite movies outside the caravans and can feel more relaxed and closer to nature. Imagine watching your favorite movie under a starry sky and beautiful horizon and surrounded by beauty on nature and affection of your family, it is an amazing feeling. You not only satisfy your wanderlust but also become closer to nature and of course family. 

Pico Projectors help you creating memories and beautiful moments.


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