Projectors and Technology!

Author: Alex V.  Date Posted:28 January 2016 

We are surrounded by rapidly changing environment of science and technology which is constantly leaving impacts on our lives and on our day to day personal & professional tasks. Technology has made us more mobile and efficient and has changed the conventional way of doing and projecting things.  Any business meeting is incomplete without the aid projectors that enables us to projects the visuals, presentations, charts, diagrams and tables etc. over the wall or screens.

There has been a great technological advancement in the field of projectors because initially black & white projectors which get data from films and project the images/slides on the wall or screen but now we have a great range of projectors from entry level to large screens and portable projectors. It covers many aspects of our day to day life like 3D home theater projectors converting our homes’ living room environment into 3D cinema, conducting outdoor conferences etc. To serve this purpose, Projectors Australia has introduced BenQ W1500 Full HD 3D Projector which integrates the latest technology for one of a kind, big screen, at home entertainment enjoyment.

The use of projectors is very dynamic and versatile as seen in education sector, where, it is being used to give education and training to students in more interactive ways and involves students more than ever before. Projectors Australia has introduced a wide range of products in this sector like Portable Multiuse, interactive, short through and large auditorium projectors with different features that serves the multipurpose. One of the portable projector is BenQ GP3 Wireless Projector, the BenQ Joybee GP3 is a shortthrow HD-ready mini projector designed to connect and project like never before.

The latest innovation in the field of portable projectors is Aaxa P4X Pico Projector which is the world’s brightest battery-powered projector. The AAXA P4-X Pico Projector features up to 125 Lumens via a highcontrast optical engine powered by Texus Instruments DLP. Combined with AAXA's Vibrant Color Technology, the P4-X features long-life 15,000 hour LEDs and can deliver a brilliant colorful image of up to 80"

The needs of the society are becoming more mobile with the advancement in technology and now it’s better time to adapt with new range of projectors which are portable and powerful enough that could serve you wherever you go and for longer time periods. It’s time to say YES to more advanced technology that only Projectors Australia can provides you!

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