The Philips Picopix PPX2055 F7 Pico Projector

Author: Alex V.  Date Posted:8 February 2016 

With business activities increasing and business expanding by each passing day, the need for high-quality portable projectors is rising. Similarly, many companies and brands have revamped their projectors to make them efficient for domestic use as well. Businesses use a projector to tackle high-scale presentations. A projector is an optical device which helps to show an image or moving images on a surface. There are different types of projectors such as video projectors, movie projectors etc. 
One of the companies which have gained the spotlight in producing high-quality projectors is Philips. Recently, they have introduced a Pico Projector called the Philips Picopix PPX2055 F7 Pico Projector. A Pico Projector is mainly a handheld projector or pocket projector which helps to project the same image as a regular projector but in a more portable way. A Pico Projector was basically developed to make projectors portable and easy to carry. There are numerous Pico Projectors in the market in this era, however, the Philips Picopix PPX2055 F7 is one of a kind.

The Philips Picopix PPX2055 F7
The Philips Picopix PPX2055 F7 is a portable and simple Pico projector which lets you project business presentations, movies etc. in an efficient way. Picopix PPX2055 F7 comes with a USB port and cable which lets you project images from a USB device. You can also connect the projector to any laptop, tablet, Notebook running Windows OS to share media files. The portable size of this projector makes it easier to carry. The Philips Picopix PPX2055 F7 is a user-friendly projector aimed towards making your life easier.


The Philips Picopix PPX2055 F7 contains a number of specifications which make this Pico projector an ideal handheld projector. Let us discuss some of the specifications of this projector by Philips.
- Up to 55 Lumens of brightness.
- Manual Focus.
- 854 x 480 pixels native resolution.
- RGB LED Light Source.
- 4.06 OZ unpacked weight.
- 1GB DDR of SD RAM.
- 2.0 USB interface.
- 40MB free HDD space.
- USB powered power supply.

- Connects to any device running Windows OS to share media files.
- Enjoy brightness up to 55 lumens and project images via a 120 inches display.
- LED Technology.
- Easy Connectivity with any devices using Windows OS.
- User-friendly interface helps you use the projector without difficulty. 
- Portable structures makes the projector easy to carry.
- 1W built-in internal speaker.
- The USB port helps you watch movies through your laptop, Notebook etc. 
- The Philips Picopix PPX2055 F7 comes with a carrying case to make it easier to carry.


Bottom Line:
As we conclude, it would be safe to say that the Philips Picopix PPX2055 F7 is an efficient Pico projector which can reduce the effort you put in your business presentations and domestic tasks. You can take this handheld projector anywhere and use it without a user manual. The Philips Picopix PPX2055 F7 is built to make your life easier.

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