Wowoto is represented by Projectors Australia

Wowoto was founded in 2006 as a developer and manufacturer of LED projectors, dedicating to bringing clients outstanding products


Wowoto is a manufacturer of DLP projectors of great quality to satisfy the needs of different customers across the globe. Projectors Australia is the agent for Wowoto products in Australia and it provides the full range of products with excellent customer service and Australian warranty.

Wowoto portable projectors are small in size but big in performance and quality. Wowoto products have excellent customer reviews and a wide range of options to satisfy different needs. Small, Portable, with or without batteries, wireless, 3D ready, and with a big range of connections available. These projectors are suitable for movies, video games, and business presentations. No need to warm up any lamps, just turn on and start presenting whenever wherever.

Carrying big bulky projectors is a thing of the past. Projectors Australia provides a wide range of portable projectors to choose from. Located in Melbourne and with fast delivery, Projectors Australia is the prefered online retailer for projectors in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region

WOWOTO A5 PRO Portable Projector wireless HD 500 lumens Built-in Battery Pack
4% OFF RRP $695.00
Wowoto H10 Smart Projector 4500 Lumens Supports 4K Wifi Bluetooth
7% OFF RRP $1,350.00
WOWOTO H9 Video Projector, 3500 lumens - HD
4% OFF RRP $1,195.00
Wowoto P8 3D WiFi & Bluetooth Mini Projector Full HD 1080P
4% OFF RRP $1,250.00
WOWOTO Q1 Pico Portable Projector Wireless 3 hour battery - Android 5.1
7% OFF RRP $380.00
Wowoto S6A Smart Ultra Short Throw Projector
8% OFF RRP $1,250.00
WOWOTO T8e Portable Video Projector, 2000 lumens - 3D HD
13% OFF RRP $1,150.00

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Author: Alex V.   Date Posted: 1 August 2018  

Technology has revolutionized our lives and it has also completely changed the look of clunky protectors to smaller and compact projectors. If we take a look at the projectors a few years back we see the bulky projectors which aren’t very attractive but also they are so heavy that you can’t carry them around but projectors these days are very compact, more useful and portable. In this guide, we will look into some of the best project portable projectors by Wowoto, which is a well-known company in the projectors business. We will also share detailed reviews of their projectors in this guide.

Wowoto Introduction