How to decorate cookies with the Aaxa Pico Projector

Author: Alex V.  Date Posted:6 August 2019 

Innovation exists in many forms, but none are quite as unique as the Aaxa Pico Projector. A small desktop device that makes it extremely easy to design outstanding, elegant and beautiful cookies and snacks.

Make cookies that look so good you wouldn’t want to eat them!

What You’ll Need:

  1. Smart Phone or Laptop
  2. The Right Tripod
  3. Pico Pocket Projector
  4. The cables to connect to your device (see details on the next section)


1. Smart Phone or Laptop

This one is easy, pretty much any smartphone or computer will do the job. This is the device where the image will come from, so in other words, whatever image you have on your smartphone or laptop you will be able to project onto your cookie when using the right tools as described below. We will show you what type of connectors you need depending on what phone or laptop you have.

2. The Right Tripod

Before you can begin to use your new Pico Projector, you’ll need to set your table tripod up. Not all tripods can do this properly, but this table tripod will work perfectly for your cookie decorating project.
The tripod itself is a creative and innovative design, used to balance and focus your image in the most suitable spot. This will ensure that you get the best results every time!
To begin with, you’ll need to unfold and balance the sleek and stylish base, before screwing the main tripod in place. Now, attach your Aaxa Pico Projector to the top and make sure it is stable. The tripod that we offer is already compatible and tested to work with our Aaxa pico projectors.

Once your projector has been secured to the tripod, you can arrange it so that any images are projected downward, onto whatever surface you’re working on.
Don’t worry if you’ve not got it perfect just yet – you can fine-tune the placement before you start decorating.

3. Pico Pocket Projector

The Aaxa Pico Projector is the best choice for this purpose, it is a perfect gadget for cookie decoration projects and guess what…you can also use it for your own movie watching purposes (dark environments). It Features 1280 x 720 (720p) native resolution through LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology and a 15,000 hour LED light source, this means you will never have to replace light bulbs. Incredibly small in size, the LED Pico is about the same size as most cell phones, yet is capable of delivering a stunning image.


4. The Cables to connect your smartphone/laptop to your Pico Projector

We have made it super easy for our customers to select the right kit to connect their devices to our range of projectors. Most people have apple devices such iPads or iPhones, but even if you have a different device, you will still be able to connect your pico projector to your device.

To select the right kit, just go to our connectivity kits selection page, here you will be able to easily select the right kit.

Also, your projector is also compatible with USB and micro SD cards.

SD Cards and USB sticks
One amazing feature of the Aaxa projector is that you can work from images saved to an SD card or a USB stick. This might be best if you’re using your phone for a recipe, or if you want to keep it away from what could be a messy work station.
To start with, you’ll need to make sure that the image is saved to your memory stick. This can be done with near enough any computer
Once you have the saved image, simply place your USB stick or memory card into the projector.
Turn the projector on by holding the ‘on’ button for a couple of seconds, until an image appears on your worktop. You can then use the directional buttons to select either ‘SD card’ or ‘USB.’ This will open another library, allowing you to select whichever image you’d like.

How to use the Pico Projector
Before you can use the projector, you’ll need to set everything up.

Make sure that the projector is fully charged before use – you don’t want to run out of battery mid-design! If you want to use the projector continuously without having to run out of batteries, you can get this optional charger separately.

Once you’re ready to start decorating, turn the projector on. You can do this by holding the ‘on’ button for a few seconds until an image is projected onto whatever surface you’re working on.
You might notice that the image is slightly blurred. Don’t worry – just refocus the image using the dial in the top right-hand corner of the projector.
A menu will appear on your surface, asking you to pick which input you’d like. Select the ‘HDMI’ option, and it will start to project from your phone or tablet screen.
All that’s left to do now is to find your image. If you’ve saved it, simply find it in your gallery, and once selected, it will project a high-quality reference image onto your work surface.
You can zoom in, and even rotate the image – all changes will be picked up by the projector.
Place your cookie on the image, and start decorating!

Once you have a focussed image, all you’ll need to do is trace over the lines and patterns with your choice of icing, frosting, sprinkles or anything else that you’d like to use. You can use any projected image to create a wonderful scene, to add colour or to even create complex words or patterns!
Whether it’s a bake-off, a charity event or you just want to treat those around you, this projector will help you create captivating cookies that are bound to inspire!
The Aaxa Pico Projector can be used to make or replicate some incredibly intricate designs, that are sure to wow all of your friends and family.
From magical fairies with delicately shaded backgrounds to cartoon characters or even portraits – the possibilities really are endless!
Get creative, and be sure to send us your favourite designs.


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